Expired Registration Recovery Policy

According to binding ICANN policies, all ICANN-accredited registrars like Backslap Domains are obliged to establish certain procedures regarding the communication with domain owners (registrants).

As of 9/01/2013, each registrar has to comply with certain minimum requirements regarding the notification of domain owners (registrants) about the expiration of his domain. This is part of the ERRP, the "Expired Registration Recovery Policy", and this also includes the obligation of the registrar to send at least two notices to the registrant before, and one after the eventual expiration of a domain. Please find more details at ICANN.

Timing and number of notices to sent are ruled by ICANN. We adapted the ERRP policy in such a way, that domain owners and registrants do not notice much difference. This is also, because Backslap Domains always operated very similar to what now became ICANN rule. Of course, ERRP mails will not be sent if a renewal already happened.

This will be the new, complete schedule of all renewal notices issued by Backslap Domains for domains:

Sent when Sent to whom
75 to 60 days before expirationowner, admin, billing
40 to 30 days before expirationowner, admin, billing
20 to 15 days before expirationowner, admin, billing
2 to 1 days before expirationowner, admin, billing
up to 1 day after expirationowner, admin
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